World Cafe

For those unfamiliar with the process, a “world cafe” is a large free-form discussion group. The participants convene in a cafe setting and seat themselves around tables which have been covered with heavy paper instead of table cloths.  Crayons or other writing materials are provided and each table has both a moderator and a recorder taking notes.

There is a discussion question or questions, and each table engages with the questions.  Individuals are encouraged to note their opinions and ideas on the tabletop paper.  The recorder takes notes in anticipation of delivering a summary of the discussion in the concluding plenary session. The moderator seeks to ensure that all those present give voice to their thoughts without one individual dominating the conversation.

Following the concluding plenary session, the organizers recover the tabletop paper with the individual notes and comments and summarize the entire affair.

At Pennswood Village we had such an event on the theme of Quaker Values and Principles as expressed in the life of the community.  The document attached is the report of the organizers.

World Cafe Report

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